let’s talk about important things

*in the distance, you hear Weird Account struggle to put out good things, and tries to make treasure out of trash*


So, I haven’t been too creative recently, and my life is still boring (OH JEEZ WOW OH MAN SURPRISING), but considering that Jamie’s doing PEDIM and will completely destroy me in the view of wars, I figure that I have to at least try to do something…

(in case you think “view of wars” doesn’t make sense, I was trying to say the “war of views” but tripped on my words, and thus, “view of wars” was born).

I may also be making another SCIENCE! entry tomorrow, but if you have any ideas last minute, feel free to talk about it.


Daniel James Howell changed his fracking youtube username. If you don’t watch danisnotonfire (or now Daniel Howell…who the fridge is he what the heck) or AmazingPhil, I’m sorry, this won’t be interesting to you, just go down to IMPORTANT THING #2. Basically, what happened was Dan changed his username from the name all his fans knew and loved him under, “danisnotonfire”, to Daniel Howell.

Now, I can understand that it sounds unprofessional, but wHAT THE HECK. Phil is not on fire? The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire? The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire?!?!?!? Dan said it himself, this changes everything!!!

If you are a phandom member, do tell me your opinion on this tragic change if you want.


Considering the fact that two people have made music-related things in the past 24 hours, I’d figure I’d join in and talk about some of my favorite songs at the moment in no particular order from my music taste, and if you don’t like this stuff, i’m saying this anyway.

Here you go.

// Wires by The Neighbourhood

// Sick Of Losing Soulmates by Dodie Clark

// Me by The 1975

// You by Dodie Clark

// Innocent by Taylor Swift

// Somebody Else by The 1975

// One For The Road by Dodie Clark

// Ultralife by Oh Wonder

//My Friends by Oh Wonder

–Just to name a few.–


So, NABUR just launched!! If you don’t know what that is, honestly, what are you doing reading my posts? The Nerd and His Brother and Usually Riley is a podcast, and you should listen to it, just my opinion. Also, I may or may not have sang something in it, but listen to the podcast for Jamie, Riley, and Eliot, not me XD.


I just found a memo on my phone with Chinese food names…I forgot writing it…


My room has a cool Native American/Black and White/Tumblr-esque theme, and I thought to enhance it by drawing on my white board! To keep my theme going, I thought to draw the moon phases and a quote OF MYSELF, *such a freaking poet omg*, “Without darkness, the moon can’t shine, but everything goes dark sometimes, and then you have to hold on to the little bit of light that is left.” I was super proud of it because of how long it took for me to draw it, and I set it on my headboard to show it to the world…also known as me and maybe my mom. So, I went to sleep like you kinda have to, and I remembered feeling something colder than my pillow on my head really late in the night, but I just went back to sleep. However, when I finally woke up due to my really annoying alarm telling me “HEY VICTORIA YOU IDIOT GET THE FRICK UP AND START GETTING READY SINCE YOU TAKE SO LONG YOU BISCUIT”, I realized in horror…

i slept on my precious white board illustration.





I’m out of every single thing I have to talk about these days.

So, I must go now.

Have wonderful lives, biscuits.


*in the distance you can hear how much the title is a lie and if you were fooled by my trickery like i would actually talk about something important, you were wrong.*

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