These are my favorite songs. I’m only gonna post 10 at a time.

Let’s hop on in.

a. Drooler by Palehound

//favorite lyric: And vandalise my body if it helps you sleep soundly//

b.  Ybba Rof by Shelf-Life

//favorite lyric: reading of all your crimes
private or not//

c. Thinning by Snail Mail

//favorite lyrics:  wanna spend the entire year
Just face down
And on my own time
I wanna waste mine//

d. Car by Porches

//fav lyrics: If I let it soak
Will it become clean
Let the salt carry it
Away from me”

e. Cartesian Bodies by The KVB

f. An Abundance Of Strawberries by Julia Brown

//favorite lyrics: I don’t want to miss you
but I already do
for all I know
it’s already in you//

g. Bobby by (Sandy) Alex G

//favorite lyrics: I paint pictures of my heart
The colors blue and purple start
To bleed into an endless dark
It’s only you it’s only you
I’d burn them for you
If you want me to//

h. Teenage Girl by Cherry Glazerr

//favorite lyric: Rob Kardashion’s a tool//

i. Mock Origami by Matthew and the Arrogant Sea

//favorite lyric: Idle fingers snatching up the gemini (aahhh)
Feed the meter overflowing apple child//

there. 10.


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