List of Things That..

annoy me.

  1. Sniffing

When I was in fourth grade, my mom grounded me for a week for sniffing. SNIFFING! Ever since then I relished sniffing because it was such a rebellious act for me. But recently I came around, and you can thank Riley for that. During the car rid to school today he sniffed like CRAZY. So now it makes the list. Always carry tissues.


2. Ageist People

Specifically people who talk down or ignore kids. Like teachers at school. Some kids have actual intelligence (and are even as smart as the teachers) but they are not taken seriously. This is called benevolent prejudice where people view kids or the elderly as “friendly” but “incompetent”. This is based on a survey by Age Concern. And it annoys me to no end!

3. People or publications who say stuff just to be woke.

Okay. Whenever I try to explain this I end up offending people, so bear with me here.

When somebody blames it on the old white men simply because some old white men are guilty of some bad things. When somebody takes an issue with something just to be hyper correct. A great example of this is the whole “if you avoid making eye contact you are racist” story that was in the news a couple of days ago. If you don’t no about that, the short of it is that Oxford University published a study that if you avoid making eye contact with someone from the other race you are committing a micro-aggression. Here is a link, also Philip Defranco covered it here. Or when someone is angry because a lift driver has a Hawaiian bobble head. It happened!

And I think I’m going to end it here before I offend more people 😀

If you want me to make another list of things then comment it!

I’ll talk to you probably soon and as I most definitely say:

Wikipedia is a source!!!!

4 thoughts on “List of Things That..

  1. I totally agree with you on age-ist people. It sucks when you try and be serious and you aren’t taken seriously due to the number of years you have been alive. I understand if you are 6, but now-a-days ideas of youth really should be considered rather than put away.


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