Rilernol Headache Relief

Meant to be rapped: 


Miracle headache relief
Watch all your problems disappear!

Possible side effects may include evil monkeys taking over your house, being eaten by a giant mouse, loss of appendages, allergic reaction to bandages. Death, despair, depression, degeneration, deafness, loss of swiftness
Cramps, contraband milk poisoning, cruel clowns creeping into the very depths of your soul and taking over. Moles, zits, loss of wits, growth of extra limbs which will be lost within an hour. Everything tasting sour, all your friends leaving you for a tall dark stranger, who is coincidentally a hallmark danger, development of the third eye, you’ll never cry, but you’ll certainly die.

Do not take Rilernol if you have in the past or are currently breathing.

Buy now, 888-623-2003

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