Inspired by Victotoro

Today, I am teaching you all about something that I care a lot about and something that is very important to me, my well being and my life.

And those things are: Chakra’s.

Chakra’s are, according to Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism,  are the energy points in a body. There are over 88,000 chakra’s in a body (not in a psychical, earthen body, but in a subtle mind and spirit body) These energy channels are also called Nadi.

The word Chakra, in a brief sense, means “circle.” It is ever flowing. Ever continuous.

There is no set rules for chakras, so I’ll be telling you my perceived version.

Here’s how I work on my Chakras. First, I burn some incense. Usually, it’s rose, but occasionally i’ll do jasmine or lavender. Second, I lay out an area where I can meditate. This is usually on the floor, on a pillow. Then, get dressed into the color Chakra you need to work on.

The Root Chakra- Color- Red- Located under the body, close to the genitals. It is meant to ground you, it is meant to keep your feet (metaphorically) on the ground.

The Sex Chakra- Color- Orange- located at the top of your butt (I was going to say something else but I was too lazy to write explicit language warning) It stimulates the, you know, *coughs*

Solar Plexus- Color- Yellow- Located right there in your stomach- This fuels your strength.

The Heart Chakra- Color- Green- Located at your heart- Controls happiness (This is the one I meditate most with.)

The Throat Chakra- Color- Turquoise- Located at your throat, duh. Helps you say what you want to say. (For example, something terrible happened to me in November, and I didn’t say a word to anyone, even though I wanted to. Three days before I told someone, I meditated with the Throat Chakra.)

The Third Eye- Color- Indigo- Located in your forehead. Gives insight and wisdom. Hub for creativity.

The Crown- Color- Purple- Located above your head. When you have reached The Crown in meditation. Enlightment.

that’s it, I guess. Theres a lot more that I may get into later. Comment questions.



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