are aliens real?

*why am I writing this, I wonder, as I write words on a screen, tired, in a room…why would I write if I have nothing to say, I continue to ask myself, but then again, why am I here…Weird Account is back, confused, exhausted, and as mentally drained as ever*

That’s a really strange introduction. I don’t care.


As I mentioned, I figured I had nothing to write about when I sat down, but that may change later. I’m scavenging my brain to find something interesting to talk about…










Sorry not sorry for caps. It’s enthusiasm, an emotion, part of how you think, how your brain operates…SCIENCE!

I titled this post “are aliens real?” due to inspiration from a new BuzzFeed Unsolved video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmUrJaOo1Lw.

(let me break from character for a second-BuzzFeed Unsolved is the best BuzzFeed series, I think, it’s just really great. They cover crimes and conspiracy theories and the supernatural and it’s all so interesting so I recommend you check it out! Not long ago actually, I stayed up really late and started watching a BuzzFeed Unsolved video involving cases of ghosts and demons and it was midnight. Don’t know who thought that was a great idea, but it was so cool and funny, so…)


*Victoria’s opinion incoming, beware*

I simply do not understand how anyone believes that there is absolutely no form of extraterrestrial life forces in the entire universe.

That is scientifically impossible. I may not be a scientist, but thinking logically, judging by how colossal the universe actually is, the conditions for life are by far met more than once. SPACE FACT, did you know that the universe expands at a rate of approximately 67 kilometers per second? This makes the measurement of how big the universe is impossible to pin-point, and, as an astronomer by the name of Charlie Garcia says, “We can see 13.8 billion years into space because that is how long light has had to travel to reach us. Interestingly, because of the expansion of the universe, we can see much farther than 13.8 billion light years. In fact the visible universe is almost 45 billion light years in radius, centered on you” (Garcia, 1). See, I paid attention in English, I know how to make in-text citations by the MLA format. Slay.


Because the universe is so huge, why do some people still believe aliens don’t exist? Exploring articles by people who believe this, I see that a question most non-believers ask is that there is no completely solid evidence as of yet that proves their existence.

While that may be true, there also is no evidence completely debunking extraterrestrial life.

There are many Earthly mysteries like the Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge have hinted at the possibilities of more advanced life forms, but there is a lot we don’t know.

And for now, the answer whether or not aliens really exist remains UNSOLVED.

ha. ha. ha.

Hope you enjoyed this scientific entry *puts on glasses and pushes them up*!

Tell me what you think in the comments:

Do you think aliens exist?

If you’d like more SCIENCE! entries, lemme know, and about what?

OR you could just not care, that’s an option for everything in life, isn’t it…

Have wonderful lives!


*told you i’d find something to write about. guess Weird Account has some of her mind back after being dead for a very long while….*

25 thoughts on “are aliens real?

  1. I think they have to be real. Even if some of the abduction stories are baloney, they have to be out there. If not, explain the pyramids. EXPLAIN THE PYRAMI-

    CIA -JamesBlonde down, secrets safe.
    *ahem* What James Blonde meant to say is the right now we see no proof of extraterrestrial life. It’s all a hoax. Go back to sleep, forget that nonsense, and take of those Tin-Foil Hats! It makes it so much harder to read your minds and reprogram you.. wait. Forget I said anything

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  2. let me answer your question with another question:

    are WE the aliens?

    but anyway, the universe is billions of years old, and still has billions of years left, so it’s still technically very young in comparison to how much time it still has to exist. remember the sphinx’s riddle? what walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at midday, and three legs at night? (or something like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) well, the universe hasn’t even gotten to the morning yet. it’s still a literal fetus. that could be a reason that aliens do not exist – because the universe is still developing.

    not that i believe that. why should we be special? ALIENS ARE AMONG US.

    ((also, since you mentioned buzzfeed unsolved being your second favorite series, (i admit that it’s really good – freaking creepy to watch at 2:00 am, but nevertheless, really good) what’s your first? because i’m addicted to worth it lol))

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    1. we could very well be extraterrestrial life to other species that exist-something foreign! so what we may call “extraterrestrial” is what calls us “extraterrestrial”. And about the universe being young-you are very right! And it is still developing every moment. i just don’t believe that that is really a solid reason to say that aliens don’t exist. Also, I didn’t mean to say that BuzzFeed Unsolved was my second favorite buzzfeed series-I was saying that I was breaking character for a second. But yes, I really love Worth It as well!

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      1. you’re completely right, but there isn’t a “solid” reason to believe that aliens exist either. personally, i believe that aliens exist, but that’s just because of the “what are the odds” theory – not backed by facts either. so really, there’s not a concrete reason to side with either, and of course, there are different reason to support each. it depends on which ones you see more, i suppose.

        sorry for interpreting it wrongly. 🙂 buzzfeed unsolved would probably be MY second favorite series.

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      2. That’s the fun of writing about this type of thing-it’s controversial, and it’s pretty cool to see what others think about it. Humanity just makes assumptions based on the morsels of information that we DO know.

        It’s okay! Both of those series are really good, but I think Unsolved is my Worth It winner..(seewhatididthere)

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      3. yes! i love conspiracy-type things, even when you’re obviously thinking too deep into the subject. channels like game theory are all too addicting because of their wild predictions. the human brain is so exciting in that factor. it’s adept at seeing things that aren’t there/making assumptions based on limited information.
        [respect] i applaud thee… that is a pun that is hard to top. (stands quite Boldly)

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      4. i whole-heartedly agree. the human brain is an incredible thing. one thing that i always found so cool was lucid-dreaming, even though that’s a different thing entirely. it’s a fascinating concept-your consciousness and your subconsciousness meshing and you also being able to see your subconscious desires and whatnot. it’s amazing how we think, how thoughts work.

        Why thank you! *cinematic bow* I have no pun to respond with, but I applaud you as well.


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