its ur least favorite person !!!

my day went like this:

woke up

went to an old lady crossdressing dog dancing competition

went to a party at Jamie’s house where we sat around and played video games

went home

went to a friends house

whereeeeeee we ate pizza, watch scary movies and the office and made a paper towl- band aid bracelet and sang wrote pretty songs and had fun.

office quote of the day: (was going to be something waaaaaaaaay inappropriate but I’m good ol aunt maz) : “You don’t say collard people, that’s offensive.”



also, follow me on Instagram if you want. @wasteurthyme

gotta get that self promo 😉

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    1. right okay i got led off into this warehouse where a bunch of old ladies dressed as men like prince, john Lennon, etc, and danced around with dogs on the competitive level

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