here’s the thing:

i have come to the harsh realization that i’m a nerd. Not a nerd in the braces, type of way, but the worst kind of nerd.

A music nerd.

Like it’s gotten to the point where if you challenge my music opinions, i will drag you to hell.



i’m maz. i suffer from the problem that most teenage white girls suffer from which is:

Identity Crisis.


I feel like i have a pretty firm grasp on who i am and i’m pretty proud of that.

i am a very opinionated, smart and unique young gal.

(How would my friends describe me? Riley would probably say “nice” even though i know i’m not. I have absolutely no idea what Jamie or Victoria would say)

On the downside, i am very opinionated, very sad and i have a very low self esteem, for obvious reasons.

i mean and then i want to find where i belong, who i belong with, etc etc which is IDENTITY CRISIS.

where do i belong? who do i belong with? music geeks? i mean i love music. maybe the writers? i write bad poems sometimes. Or maybe the geeks? Why are there all these stereotypes? Why are there all these cliques? Is this Mean Girls, Is this Freaks And Geeks?

why do i have to fit in anywhere?

why can’t i just be alone?

well, as much as i’d love to continue i have to get ready for a party. comment questions if you’d like that i’ll answer in the next post.



4 thoughts on “whoops

  1. maaaazzzyyy welcome back!
    told you that you were a geek and yoU DIDN’T BELIEVE ME
    and imma write you a list
    *yes you are nice, at least to me?
    *yeah you are opinionated
    *maz you’re just great like you’re wonderful okay


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