Humanz Tracks Review by my Little Brother

Hello there you Busted and Blue Chargers that Feel Good enough to watch a Clint Eastwood movie even if your Rhinestone Eyes look Melancholy. Sorry.

Today, as I told you yesterday and as the title announces, my little brother will now review the currently released tracks from the new Gorillaz album.

*These opinions in no way reflect the thoughts of Rileys Backpack personnel, it’s affiliates, or parent companies.*

Starting off with Ascension, which is an explicit rap song. To get rid of the bad words and save his innocent ears, I covered the speaker on my phone during the curse words.


His rating was 6/10 Brend-o-points!

“I disliked that it had so many cuss words but I liked the beat.”


His rating was 4/10 Brendo-o-points.

“I did like the tempo, but I didn’t like how slow the lyrics were.”

Saturnz Barz

His rating was 4/10 Brendo-o-points.

“I didn’t like the autotune, however I did like the background music.”

We Got The Power

His rating was 5/10 Brendo-o-points.

“I liked the lyrics. I didn’t like how it didn’t seem to pop out. I also liked the positive message.”

Let Me Out

His rating was 7.5/10 Brendo-o-points.

“I liked the lyrics, and the tie-in to Trump and Obama. There wasn’t anything I really didn’t like about it though.”

Busted and Blue

His rating was 4.75/10 Brendo-o-points.

“I didn’t like the tempo or the sound or just the whole song in general.”

Even if his ratings conflict with mine (Busted and Blue, Andromeda, and We Got The Power were my three favorites, and got some of his lowest scores), I still respect his opinion! I encourage you to give all of these songs a listen if you have the time.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

A branch or shoot of a tree that has been cut or broken off.


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