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A Musically Infused LAY #11

Hey guys!

It’s Life and You time, where I talk about my life, and ask and answer questions from you.

Also before we start shout out to Cat for joining the blog, may the odds be ever in your favor for the war of the views. This might hurt me in the rankings but check out her most recent post here.


So about life. Today was alright, one of those days where you just wake up in a foul mood. I didn’t have tests today so that’s one positive thing. Also I listened back to the podcast we originally recorded and honesty I just hated it. We didn’t structure it well and I just sounded like an idiot. So I wrote a new episode plan and I hope you guys will like it. The direction I think the podcast is going to take is a conversation with games (think Wait Wait! Don’t Tell Me meets Ear Biscuits). So hopefully after my friends and I hang out on Saturday Riley can stay and record an episode (because the brother section of the podcast is just awkward by ourselves). And maybe if the podcast miraculously becomes extremely popular (cause who doesn’t want to hear kids ramble on about inconsequential things) we’ll release an Anthology of sorts with the cut episode and other outtakes.

The Nerd and His Brother,, and usually riley premieres Monday, May 1st and website will be up hopefully April 27th.


And question time!!!!!

Victoria (a.k.a bittersweetlyirrevocable) asks:

What is your favorite instrument and why?

I deliberated for a long time on this question (lol so long I didn’t put it in the last LAY) and I decided to make a top 3 list for you.

1) Piano

I play piano and while I am not good at it I absolutely love it. from Mozart to Joplin to Sinatra to McCartney to Joseph, any style of music can be made on the piano, and that wonderful range and diversity is why it ranks 1 on my list.

2) Guzheng

An ancient Chinese instrument Riley and I discovered in the fall, I also like the range of songs you can play on it. At school we actually saw guzheng player Wu Fei and she was amazing! The instument is so cool but so very expensive and looks incredibly difficult to learn, much less master. Here is a video of Wu Fei and Abigail Washburn playing a song we saw them perform live!

3) Saxophone

The saxophone is a very nice sounding instrument. While it is kind of limited to Jazz/background in a band, it is so soulful and sounds so cool. I also play saxophone, and I know it much better than I know piano.

Which is your favorite? Do you agree? Disagree? The question for you this week is in the form of a poll here.

And if you want your question in the next LAY or heck, maybe in the first Nerd and Brother podcast (premiering May 1st on soundcloud and on website), just comment on this post and I will see it and answer it!

That I think wraps it up for this post, stay tuned for the next LAY in about a week! Coming up next in my posting schedule is a book exclusively written through text co-written by me and Victoria.

So adios, and as I like to think I say:

Why can’t I do everything right in life, even if I did everything perfectly?

Comment the reason 😀

17 thoughts on “A Musically Infused LAY #11

  1. A) somebody once said that this post was gonna go up two days ago
    B) welcome to the bad mood club
    D) why is the poll from polldaddy.com wtf


    1. A) somebody must have been watching YouTube when they said they would write this post.
      B) thanks for the welcome, when is our next meeting
      C) Yes and there might be a twist at the end for our hero Lucas
      D)polldaddy is the way to go for all your polling needs

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A) so productive
        B) next meeting-tomorrow morning if you wake up and feel like crap again, like me 😀
        C) LUCA not LUCAS
        D) but why


      2. A)ikr
        B)alright I’ll try to make it
        C) my bad
        D) because polldaddy’s interactive user-friendly wen interface makes it simple and easy to create, share, and view polls.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. D) key polling (hehe) says that sites named after a male figure do better than sites named after a female figure. Blogging is a sexist profession. Do you really think we would be here if it was Victoria’s Backpack?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. no because people would be annoyed at my femininity, duh. because obviously i only talk about girl things and reapply lip gloss every 5 seconds. that’s too girly for the 66 million more males than females overall in the population, isn’t it


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