V A P O R W A V E – C A T H O T E L


It’s Cat.

I have returned.

(I’m not good with greetings so…. Hello! I’m Cat, a hippie and artist whom listens to way too much music).

Speaking of music, today I have for you my collection of vaporwave/synthwave/retro futurefunk tunes that have that vintage feel to them, which I can’t get over.

Vaporwave is simply the kind of music you vape to (No, I do not vape. I use tobacco and nicotine free essential oil diffusers that are essentially vapes. Visit http://www.monq.com to see what I mean).

It’s a very calming type of music in which gets you out of your head, which is, for me, a good thing.

Keep in mind that vaporwave/synthwave/futurefunk is not a drug nor tobacco promotion in an way. It is simply a very chill music that has a way of calming you down.


S O N G  L I S T

H O M E – Resonance

You Reposted in the wrong neighborhood [explicit]

S A I N T  P E P S I – Enjoy Yourself

Remember those summer days

H O M E – Pyxis

W H I T E W O O D S – B E A C H W A L K

M A C I N T O S H  P L U S


Kamicom Sound System – B E Y O N D

R A I N Y  D A Y S


Check out my YouTube channel!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIPoyhLWVfFMZTqCm0I50ig

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