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Free Lunch #13


Hello there you fake colored pencils. (You are in fact just normal pencils painted various colors on the outside)

Today is the 13th Free Lunch, so i’m posting this on Thursday instead of Friday just so we can have the 13th edition on April the 13th.

In case you are unfamiliar with the concept of Free Lunch, I sit down and write for 5 minutes without stopping.

I’ll start at 6:28.

Today was pretty gouda, aside from the fact that we had double math class, because our ELA teacher was absent. I spent most of the day working on about 50-60 pages of math problems. 

Also, we took a practice end-of-the-year test in Math as well. The city bus was unusually crowded today, and I sat in the back and watched The Office. Maz, Simone and I had a conversation about who would be the Rock God of music, Queen or David Bowie. My vote went to Queen against their votes for David Bowie. Don’t get me wrong, both are amazing in their own ways, but Queen has been a bigger part of my life.

Right now, I’m listening to the Legend of Korra Season 1 soundtrack in my room. Also I have decided that maybe I should post Free Lunch on Tuesdays as well?

Let me know in the comments whether you support this or not.

Also thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this haphazard post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

To perceive or understand as fact or truth.


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