SAO and State Testing

Hello there you roller-skating self-defense mechanisms. Today I will give you a brief talk about a new anime I started watching, and the upcoming state testing at my school.

The above mentioned anime is Sword Art Online, which without too much spoilers is basically about getting stuck in a virtual reality game. The concept of it just instantly appealed to me, and I was very eager to continue the series after watching the pilot episode. It was recommended by riseofthechairs so thank you 😀

Outside of Netflix, we have our annual state testing starting next Monday. All of our teachers are trying to get as much information as they can into our grey matter before the test. Which is very overwhelming sometimes. If it was up to me, instead of the huge end-of-the-year test/exam, which judges your intelligence and decides your future while stressing you out, you could instead have the teachers moniter your growth through the way you act, answer questions, and talk with your fellow humans in the classroom. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that we need tests for grades, but they could just split the test up so that it’s not 3 solid days of sitting down completely silently bubbling in answers.

But that’s just my opinion.

So yeah. That’s tonight’s post.

Dictionary Taboo:

A person-to-person method of spreading rumors, gossip, or information.


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