very helpful doctors, possible pizza overdose, and music.

*there is an emptiness, a quiet. weird account hasn’t shown up for quite some time…but really, it hasn’t made your life any more or less boring, has it? there are many pizza boxes scattered around an empty room, when a figure rushes in and steals a piece of pizza from one of the boxes that you thought was empty*


So, my life has changed from boring to pretty not great. It’s for many reasons but i’ll just go over one:


And no, this isn’t because of acne, luckily i’m not a very acne-prone person, but what I mean is I have had two breakouts of Hives. One on Monday afternoon after I left school, and a really bad one of Tuesday that made me leave school to go the amazing doctor’s office. It got worse after I left the doctor.

And, here’s the thing, what I said in the title was pure sarcasm. THE DOCTORS WEREN’T HELPFUL AT ALL. So, for all I/they know, I just broke out in Hives for no flipping reason! UGH! IT’S SO FRUSTRATING.

And I’ve eaten a lot of pizza in the past few days! If there’s some type of pizza overdose, I probably have it. But, i’m still craving pizza. I still want pizza despite the fact it’s been my main meal for the past four or so days.

I’m a strange person-I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, I prefer pizza to chocolate any day. I never really loved sweets, call my crazy and call me mad. Mealy foods are the best foods.

Please don’t murder me in the comments! It’s just a personal preference.

Unfortunately, Jamie knows what it’s like when people disagree with somebody’s opinion (I’m sorry Jamie!).

Hmmmm, what else did I do today?

I learned a song by Dodie Clark on the ukulele and binged on Panic! At the Disco and twenty one pilot’s concert recap videos. The song is called “Absolutely Smitten” and Dodie Clark is amazing so you should check her out if you’d like! Some of my favorites of hers are “When”, “6/10”, “Sick Of Losing Soulmates”, “Would You Be So Kind?”, “Secret For The Mad”, “She”, “My Face”, “Human ft. Jon Cozart”, “Dear Happy ft. Thomas Sanders”, OH WHAT THE HECK SHE’S JUST SO GREAT. After all, she helped me discover Oh Wonder who I have talked about previously. Speaking of Oh Wonder, they realized a new track called “Ultralife” and I freaking love it.

Oh, and speaking of Panic! At The Disco…

I’m gonna go to the Death Of A Bachelor Tour in Memphis in 3 FREAKING DAYS OH MY GOD. I’m so excited for it!

Fun fact: This upcoming concert will be my 6th music arena tour! In order I’ve been to the following:

Kelly Clarkson’s Piece By Piece Tour

Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour (don’t ask)

Selena Gomez’s Revival Tour

Melanie Martinez’s Crybaby Tour

And soon to be Panic! At The Disco’s Death Of A Bachelor Tour!

DISCLAIMER*: I’m not trying to brag, i’m simply stating the concerts that I have been to. I sincerely apologize if you take offence and/or it sounds like I am trying to brag about it.


My question for you guys today is:

Have you ever been to a concert for an artist? If so, who? If you haven’t, who would you like to see (you can still answer this one even if you have been to a concert if you want). 

I’ve ran out of things to chatter about, so i’ll leave it here!

Have wonderful lives!


*and this will also be the last post in about 5 billion years unless something very rare happens: my life becomes interesting again! Jk, i’ll probably post again this Sunday, but you can never be too sure with this mess of an individual*

91 thoughts on “very helpful doctors, possible pizza overdose, and music.

      1. Wow, you’re asking me to pick?! I’m fine with any, really. I also like the pizza buffet Cici’s Pizza because I mean who can go wrong with all you can eat pizza?!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yas Pizza Hut’s veggie pizza is to die for, it’s so good. What’s your favorite kind? I love veggie and cheese!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. ikr? ooh, smooth transition to another subject, I’m writing a song!

        When I fall down, I look up, what do I see?
        it’s your face starin’ right back at me
        holdin’ out a hand to help me get back on my feet. (back on my feet)

        When I cry, you’re my shoulder to cry on,
        When I’m hurt, you’re my arm to lye on

        When I feel like nothin’s goin’ right,
        you’re there to reassure me, day or night
        I know when you’re by my side,
        I’m sure to win the fight, yeah

        Though sometimes, it’s hard for me to see,
        I know you’re always right there, walkin’ with me

        You’re here through any weather, rain snow or shine,
        And no matter what, I know that you’ll always be mine

        It’s not finsished, and I’m not %100 on who or what it’s a bout, but tell mes watcha thinks 😀

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      2. Lol, transitions. I love it! Seems like you favor someone, heheh. It’s super sweet! I encourage you to finish it!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I have an old notebook that was my first songbook and it’s practically all drafts for things I never went back to and I don’t think I ever will. Our creativity gets the best and worst of us.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep, sounds like life on writer’s block. And then finding yourself playing the same chords and same songs over and over again.

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    1. YE-
      “Have you ever wondered about what it must be like to be a muffin? Well you can try it now with the brand new muffin simulator from the same producers of the game I Am Bread! In muffin simulator you can challenge the blueberries and the baker’s wife to get outside into the world! Interested? It’s only $0.99 on the IOS and Android stores, or $5.00 on any Windows or Mac book computer. Get your muffin on!”

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  1. 1) hOIVES!!
    2) srsly tho who doesn’t love pizza more than chocolate ill fITE EM
    3) doDIE CLARK!! !!!!!
    4) i went to the monkee’s reunion concert for the shrek memes. also bc my mom’s friend gave her tickets. i’d love to go to an mcr concert since that would either mean that a) one of them died b) their solo careers absolutely flopped or c) they’re baCK tOGeTheR AgaiN

    Liked by 1 person

      1. awzzzz! yay, that’s so sweet! and i’m planning to post a review on Sunday of the concert! I’m so hyped 😀 I wish you could come to it

        Liked by 1 person

      2. as do you, haha 😀 again, it means so much that you actually care about the things i write, it’s so nice!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. aWWWWWWWWWWW that makes me smile! that’s so amazing to hear! you’re amazing haha! and yes, it is-especially if you have fairly odd tastes xD

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, TATINOF was more of a show, but I don’t think they are legends, as much as I’d like to believe such.


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