how to find your way around in a target store

*ahhhh, the store of overpriced CDs and everything you will ever need. maybe that’s why it’s a maze…but it’s all a mystery….*


As i’m writing this lovveelllyyy post, just a mere 3 minutes or so ago my mom told me “No computer” because I have to go to bed and sleep and stuff…and doing this is also breaking my electronics curfew. But I need to write this brain waffle post while it’s fresh in my tired mind.

Today i’m going to give you tips on how to find your way around Target (or this applies for any other mainstream store that is really big and is a maze of thingamajigs). And to figure out something, ANYTHING, to write about, I had to get lost in a Target store. Yes, my life is that level of boring at the moment.

Here is my list of advice from this experience of getting lost trying to find the books section.

1. One method of finding your way around Target if you are lost is to venture around and find the very front of the store. 

Yes, if you are lost you may have no idea where to go, but you will reach the trusty front eventually. From here, if you are trying to find a certain section, follow the signs on the ceiling to lead you where you need to go. If you are trying to find a parent/guardian, however, it is slightly more difficult, because unlike an aisle, a parent/guardian and move and talk and all things alike. At least, I think aisles can’t do that. It would be more frightening if they could eat. Because this differs on situation and I didn’t have much trouble finding my mom in the maze, I can’t help you with this inevitable event. Sorry.

2. Go to the main pathways connecting each section to the next and grab a basic idea of where everything is.

This is exactly what I did today. If you are lost, not just in the handy Target, it’s best not to panic-you will be fine. I told my mom I was gonna go find the books section and everything I needed to find, and this mean’t departing from her. Problem is, I couldn’t find the books section. But to do so, I walked to main pathways (the extra large ones, like I previously explained, that connected everything) and walked just in those areas until I found that section. So, you can use me for proof that this works.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say!

My question for you biscuits is:

What is your most frightening place in which you have gotten lost?

And with that, farewell, and have wonderful lives.


*i think i know the answer to why Target is soooo addictive. as the amazing comedian Liza Koshy from the youtube channel lizzza once explained, target looks like a literal archery target. to get a bull’s eye, it most likely takes many arrows…explaining how you get distracted in Target, getting everything you said you weren’t gonna get. so smart*

Also, due to my thinking that “Verboten” isn’t good, it obviously hasn’t come out yet, but I will in fact edit it until I get happy with it.

Goodbye for realsies now.

26 thoughts on “how to find your way around in a target store

  1. hmmm that’s a hard question as i’m the queen of getting lost. I’ve gotten lost in superstore, staples, Walmart, some clothes store i cant remember the name of, my neighborhood, and London drugs. I’m surprisd my mom hasn’t put a leash on me yet.

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    1. Lol, you have quite the experiences as I see xD. Best of luck for you to find your way around where ever you get lost next, I guess 😀

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      1. best wishes to you, as well. i know how terrifying it can be. your search for the exit, although will eventually prove futile, is always well-intentioned.

        it could be worse, though. rather than celebrities and fictional character, at least i’m not into drugs, is what i tell my mom.

        i do not mention that my favorite band’s name originated from weed because that does not matter.

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      2. Lolllllll okay then!
        But being trapped here…I feel it…tugging at my soul, beckoning to go deeper…and I know my mind will forever be at war with the place I have gotten lost in…

        Woahhhhh O.O

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      3. i only speak the truth.

        but i know that this is where i finally belong… too deep to explain for those who swim in the shallow end of superficial concepts. i have found my really family. if the mind is a battlefield, the soul is a magnet, drawing my close to this place. this si it.

        green day’s a great band

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      4. Yes, yes, this really is it. I find comfort and warmth in the darkness and cold of this void, this hole. And even though my stay was not intentional, it is looking as if the voices in that void are calling for me to join, and I feel that urge to join with them…an urge that I feel deeply in my soul, resonating…this is where I belong.

        And I agree, Green Day is a great band.

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      5. the vacuum of space taunts me. i come to suspect the presence of sirens lurking underneath, ready to catch unsuspecting travelers. i, however, step in voluntarily, not afraid of the blackness. it masks the off-white lights i must walk among. i am alive. they say that there is no Darkness, only the absence of light. i could not disagree with anything more than i do in this moment. i am alive and well and i walk right into the Darkness and am immediately engulfed with false love and affection that shines with artificial lighting. this isn’t a dark place, but walk further and it is a Dark place.

        i wholeheartedly concur with your last statement.

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      6. Yes. I completely agree. For all we are are pieces of light fallen from the people we were at birth, forever changed by our times in these wonderfully absent places that fill the empty holes in our minds like leaks in a ship.

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      7. honorary multidimensional wave of celestial intents, perhaps. fallen angels. angels afraid of falling always seem to be the first to fall, to fall into the arms of those who also seek comfort in the lonely abyss.

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      8. But I suppose the true question is, do the angels regret falling into the arms in which they have? Because the void may only appeal to a certain few, seeking the darkness, but what about those who seek comfort in the brightest of lights?

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      9. should the angels fall into those that cushion their embrace, they mustn’t regret what they have done. through the tears shed and the guilt felt, they have a chance of falling into the arms of the Righteous Ones, and through that, a friendship will blossom. that in which they have fallen in may not add years to their life, but life to their years

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      10. But some angels may believe that this isn’t their void. That the cushioned embraces are hard as rocks knocking the angels as they fall instead of standing. Some may watch, arms folded and faces grim, knowing they made a fatal mistake. Knowing that their mind is now forever altered. And within that darkness, there is a struggle within those angels and the chosen ones of the void. Because the chosen ones believe that this place is so very magical and perfect and the others disagree, they fight long and hard in a war that will never be finished unless this darkness defeats itself…but even then the angels will fight on what the void once was.

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      11. it is not a fight to defeat the Dark, it is a mission to get out of the Dark. angels, built as perfect soldiers, do not have the capacity to decide what I right. but now, they will have a purpose—to defeat the void and to escape the grips the Dark holds on them. the angels created the problem, and they are the only ones who open their eyes enough to the area. others deem the Darkness as foolish, a foolish place where fools dwell, but though the Darkness might be foolish, it can also Save. it saves children and adults from the grips of death or from the blanket of gloom that threatens to descend over them. the Dark joins people together over someone else’s smile.

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  2. Not a forest but a Jungle. Denser foilage, harder to get out of. Happened during our hike during a school camp in Malaysia. Thank god the group managed to find us. It was me and 3 others that was lost.

    *Tbh, Target is a life saver during road trips in USA*

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