Beauty and the Beast (2017)-REVIEW

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First of all I have to post twice a week according to my schedule and it turns out I haven’t been doing it. So I am writing posts for the next half hour and will schedule them out 🙂

And next, I watched Beauty and the Beast over the spring break and I think I should review it since it’s a pretty big movie and I haven’t reviewed anything in a while.

DISCLAIMER-This post contains spoilers for Beauty and The Beast. If you for some reason haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast or don’t want to be privy to the minor changes in the live action one, click away.

And I think I need to address the elephant in the room. Emma Watson singing. Now Emma Watson is a great person and fights for women’s equality and all that, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is a mediocre actress. This mediocrity did not ruin the movie going experience for me, but at times it made the movie weaker.

And especially her singing at the beginning of the movie was AutoTuned and to me off-putting. The rest of the movie in singing was okay (by far the best song in the movie was Be Our Guest, a scene where Emma Watson just sits and acts surprised) but the Harry Potter actress just wasn’t the best choice for the role. They expanded the singing in the movie, so it confused me that they put someone who can’t sing especially well in the role.

Now to the other characters. I thought the Beast was pretty good, but I also thought the magical book that the Beast owns was unnecessary and just undercut the seclusion that the he was supposed to be in.

Also (and this was something that confused me in the original) the beast turns back human. As it was explained to me, The Beast was beautiful on the outside and wicked on the inside, then he was wicked on the outside and the inside, then Belle turned him beautiful on the inside but he was still wicked on the outside, and then after it had been clear for 15 minutes that Belle loved the beast, the Beast was turned beautiful on the outside and he was allowed to be rich and perfect. Confusing and to me against the message of the movie. Plus the whole character of Agatha in the reboot just seemed out of place.

On the note of confusing and against the message of the movie things, people have been outraged that LeFou was more openly gay in this movie. I say more openly gay because it was pretty clear to everyone that he had feelings for Gaston. Just like Smee and Captain Hook.  And if you are outraged about this, think about the message of acceptance that this movie preaches. And rethink.

Well that is my review. I enjoyed the movie, but I had very legitimate criticisms of it. Jamie Rating.

2.5/10 Defunct Arbitrators

Thanks for reading my post! If you have different opinions about the movie, let me know in the comments. But for now ,

Goodbai, and as I always say:

And I preganenant????!

17 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast (2017)-REVIEW

  1. Speaking of the Beauty and the Beast songs, I watched two Youtubers who do disney covers and when I listened to the Beauty and the Beast songs, I now can’t listen to any other versions the same way.
    Jonathan Young and Caleb Hyles.


  2. I really enjoyed the movie, to be honest, but that might just be me and my feelings of nostalgia towards the original film and my attachment to Emma Watson and her role in Harry Potter. Although I think she was stunning, I was disappointed that Emma’s singing seemed to be the only one that was autotuned enough to tell through the movie.

    I agree with you on how Agatha was a slightly unnecessary addition to the plot that I feel would have been better if eliminated. Another thing I found bothering was how the Beast was just plain rude??? Like okay he’s a beast, but he’s acting like a middle schooler with a crush. And sure, they had their moments in the library, but I felt like Belle fell in love with the books, rather than the Beast.

    Overall, pretty great movie, but could be improved. I really do appreciate the effort they put into making the movie as close to the original as possible.

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  3. I highly disagree with your review. Disney took the time to explain some facts that were not explained in the original animated version. I loved the way Agatha was included in the movie, as it gave us an explanation of how Belle’s father had returned to the town.

    Also, what you said about the Beast and the wicked stuff, I do not consider it was confusing at all. Actually, it was better like that, showing the different phases the Beast went through the story.

    The magical book was a perfect addition to the story. We get to see the problems Belle’s father went through when her mother died, and why he cared a lot about her and wanted her to take her own decisions about what she would think was better for her life, something which is not totally explained in the cartoon version of the movie.

    Now, as Emma Watson singing, her performance was amazing. As a young actress who has such a strong voice, a great talent as acting and also as expressing her thoughts as a feminist, I consider she was the perfect choice for a character who was “different” than the people of the town: a clever girl who knew her place and refused to be seen as an object, like many women were seen before.

    Those are my thoughts about the movie, I hope I’ve given you a new point of view about this 😊

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    1. On the subject of the beast phases, I don’t think I explained it very well in the post (probably will revise), but I feel like the fact the beast becomes human at the end is not really the message of acceptance of the story. I guess I see that the Beast was more happy as a human and he would only really be accepted by society in human form, but I feel the victory is that the Beast is loved and can love as a monster, and that he should stay a beast and live his live with Belle. I just thought the beauty on the inside theme was undercut by the beast getting to be beautiful on the outside. Definitely not make or break for the movies though, and I still enjoyed both. I like your post on the movie BTW.

      PS. If you have 45 minutes to waste SuperCarlinBrothers did a good beauty and the beast review. Someone in the comments might have time stamps to the worthwhile parts 😀

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  4. I just watched it in theatres and I totally agree with the fact that Emma Watson’s singing voice was clearly pitch-corrected. But, I don’t agree that much on the fact that she is a mediocre actress. I mean, she may certainly not be the best actress that Disney could have casted for Belle, but I still think she pulled it off pretty well! I thought the movie was really good, really the only thing that bugged me was Emma’s singing.


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