WARNING: My song, “Poison”, may be triggering to some readers, so keep in mind if you choose to proceed. Kind of concerning that this is my second post in a row that may be triggering, but oh well.

*oh look, it’s the strange voice in the sky that died for the past few entries. look! i’m back. Hopes and Dreams from Undertale starts to play*


Again, my life isn’t interesting enough to do a real proper “EY THIS IS MY LIFE NOW WOOP WOOP LOOK HOW INTERESTING YES BE JEALOUS” post *lol*, but I did write a song about some of the thoughts I’ve been having. I only post songs on here if they are incredibly vague, hence why the last song I posted was “Broken One”.

Very original, I have a decent amount for an album/EP.

  1. bathwater
  2. teardrop rain
  3. scarlet and crimson
  4. poison
  5. broken one
  6. steel rose
  7. pluto’s acid
  8. color skies

Most of these i’m not going to post, but i’m super proud of “poison”.

Also, Chapter Two of Silhouette will be posted either tomorrow or Friday! I just wanted to share this.

So here goes-also, this song is not about alcohol or drugs, take it metaphorically please.


“Black and purple,”

“Choking toxins.”

“Burning bubbles,”

“Poison concoction.”

“All my mind becomes is blank,”

“Yet full of intoxicated haze.”

“Happiness faded, drunken away,”

“Fear and a void are all that remain.”

“Purple and black,”

“Poison in my veins.”

“Blood still intact,”

“But dead in my brain.”

“Fire is red like the sky is blue,”

“Poison is black, the nighttime is too.”

“You are hot and cold, you are too good to be true.”

“Red, black and blue all explode into you.”

“Poisoned thoughts leak in to me,”

“My conscience is down.”

“Hazards spill into a wasteland dream,”

“Ditsy agony holds me, hibernating now”

“At the end of the day, the sky turns black again.”

“Poison casts a final blow.”

“Hiding in your mind were blues and reds,”

“Aching to be freed from the empty below.”

“Poison toxins, lucid dreams,”

“Pretty nightmares that they are.”

“Comatose scalding seas,”

“Close around my beating heart.”

That was that, and again, not about alcohol, it’s about anxiety.

Through happiness, anxiety stays. It makes you even question your happiness and allow you to think and act irrationally. Two sides-a painful void and the world without it.

So no, not about getting drunk.

Again, Silhouette Chapter Two, “Dissipate”, will be posted tomorrow or Friday.

Have wonderful lives, biscuits.


*new conspiracy theory-victoria is secretly a 21 year old going out and partying. have fun debunking that one, victoria*

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