test rant and talking mildly about dreams

It is not until I sit down to write when I realize there’s a clear correlation to this entry and my last one, bedhead, which I made whilst in a period of euphoria. Now, i’m really just a tired blob of existence. YAY!

So, for this entry, I want to talk about one thing that most little kids hated and now desperate students who spend their time on the internet or doing schoolwork while their eyes bleed crave: SLEEP. There is literally nothing else to talk about in my world, sorry.

That’s a lie.


My day was well spent having many freak outs from having so many tests. Actually, it was one math test, but it took up 38,000,000 hours of my freaking life that i’ll never get back from staring at a screen trying to write an equation for how long someone’s trying to grow their hair or trying to find the area of some kid’s living room. Seriously. I DON’T CARE ABOUT HOW MANY PAINT BUCKETS IT’LL TAKE TO PAINT YOUR KITCHEN OR HOW MUCH YOU WANNA PROFIT FROM SELLING SHIRTS AT YOUR SCHOOL. I’M JUST AN UNFORTUNATE STUDENT WHO YOU ARE FORCING TO PUT IN FRONT OF A SCREEN AND READ WORDS THAT I WON’T CARE ABOUT THE SECOND I PRESS ‘SUBMIT’.

Sorry not sorry for caps. I’m just so frustrated.

I’ve gotta give a hand to those poor Korean students, though. I must admit in a time of defeat that we don’t test as much as the Japanese, or the Chinese, etc. But, even though they suffer through more than we do, they have the highest education rates for reasons. It makes me realize how much I would crumble under that type of academic pressure.

Main idea: tests really suck. In my case, they are pieces of paper or electronic files made by people who hold no sympathy in their unforgiving hearts for students just trying to squirm through life, and they aren’t even accurate for the most part-they are just these files taken by an individual and graded with a letter >.<

I understand I may be overreacting but this is my life right now.

moVInG oN iN a tOtaLLY sMOOtH TrAnsiTioN mADE wITh EXTreMe SkiLL

SLEEP! I said I was going to talk about it, so here I am, and there you are. However, I think I should be more specific-DREAMS. Dreams are so fascinating and strange…come to think of it, dreams are just what your mind envisions to entertain yourself while you watch your eyelids for however many hours you sleep at night. It’s like a mental movie.

I’m a dreamer when it comes to having thoughts about the future, but I don’t remember dreams that I have in the night very often. You do dream every night, that is a fact, but you don’t always remember what you dream.

I kept a dream journal from March 2 years ago! Huh.

My dreams are always so random and I’ve never had a dream that i’ve truly understood, but did you know that dreams can really tell you a lot about a person? Basically what I can pull is that I make about as much sense on the inside as I do on the outside. This means I make no sense at all.

I find that all my nightmares have a common theme:bombs. Once I had a horrible nightmare that one of the Mario Kart bombs appeared under the tree outside my window (this is what that bomb looks like, by the way: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/fantendo/images/6/63/BobombNSMBU.png/revision/latest?cb=20121106225051). It may look all cute and innocent but IT TERRIFIED ME OKAY, BECAUSE IT EXPLODED!

I can’t manage to talk about anything else so now you have your lovely update on my totally lovely life!


That’s all.

I forgot my theatrical piece.

I’m not gonna write one.

You gotta deal.

Sorry not sorry.

Have wonderful lives.


39 thoughts on “test rant and talking mildly about dreams

  1. what a coincidence that i am procrastinating on studying for a test that will be on monday! congrats, self.

    “did you know that dreams can really tell you a lot about a person?” last night, i dreamt about an au where everything is the same but the ground was made of gigantic, living, flopping fish. we walking around of glass bridges that showed the fish underneath. everyone was carrying umbrellas and wearing fedoras and sunglasses. lots of canadian flags. please tell me what this says about me because i’m slightly worried.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. ah, i had suspected something like this would happen. after all these years, i have finally discovered my true self. i cannot thank you enough. [splash free plays as i majestically tumble into the water]

        Liked by 2 people

      2. farewell, my dear. you have fulfilled what your great grandmother had once told me….”once, victoria, you’ll meet a fish. just tell them their a fish, and destiny will show itself.”

        Liked by 2 people

      1. and the time for being human is over
        and i miss it like i miss no other
        but being fish is better than being human, humannnnn

        Liked by 2 people

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