Disneyland at The Smokies

Hey people!

So today I thought I would do something different today and tell you about a dream I had last night.

So two things that are important before I tell you the story.

a) I live in central Tennessee and my family sometimes goes to the Smokie Mountains in Eastern TN.

b) I am scared to DEATH of roller coasters, especially the Tower of Terror.

and c) There was a giveaway on Game Theory live last night. They gave away a trip to them in California, and sadly I did not win. Now onto the dream.

My family got to Disneyland at the Smokies, and we looked at the map. There were several rides that are in the real Disney Parks like the teapots, Old Thunder Mountain Railroad, and *shudders* Tower of Terror. But there were also originals like Fire Escape, Bobsledding (for some reason), and Bobsledding Pro.

My parents thought it would be fair that I get to have a pass on one ride, and I naturally chose Tower of Terror. That meant I had to ride Bobsledding and Bobsledding Pro. I did Bobsledding with no problem, but Bobsledding Pro was a totally different story.

When I got on the ride, everybody from Game Theory was there, including the contest winner.

MatPat explained the ride and I sat down next to him to try and get an autograph. When I sat down, I found myself in a conversation with the contest winner, who revealed she was actually under 18 and entered the contest illegally.  Then the ride started, and it was pretty intense.

But after a short time I realized that the ride was not going as planned. Iron tracks were flying off and the GT Live crew were all panicking. Then the contest winner flew up and brought the whole ride back together. It was SuperGirl! After she saved the ride we all got out, and I talked to MatPat. He gave me an autograph but when I asked for a picture he snapped a picture of me. He promptly walked away.

Then the dream gets a little hazy. I was in some sort of floating hotel and I watched as a fire broke out throughout the park. Me and the maids at the hotel kept talking about how it was such a fire hazard to have a park in the smokies.

Then I saw the 4th doctor with the original companion  fighting the old cybermen. The companion was about to die, so the companions father brought hybrid-cybermen to save her. But when the cybermen saw their potential,  they began to rapidly upgrade.


Then we had to cross timestreams, and find future doctors  to aid us. I saw a Will Ferrell doctor, and I think I caught a glimpse of of Mario TARDIS :D.

Then I don’t remember anything else, but it was a very fun dream.

Share your dreams and please please someone make a concept art for Disneyland at the Smokies. It would make my day/week/year/life.

See you later, and as I say:

Bobsledding Pro is the way to Go 😉

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