*there’s a dimension of darkness where you are left in the confines of your mind which will either give you the strangest, most terrifying, unbelievably good things, or just nothing at all. It’s a nightly sanctuary, or just wasted time. You can’t decide*

I just realized how poetic my theatrical little section is today.

This week’s been kind of FANTTASTTICCCCCCC *jumps around like crazy, flailing my arms*

Seriously, it’s one of the crazily rare weeks where I’m happy for the whole duration of it. That basically never happens to me, but it did this time!

Because of ‘undisclosed reasons’ though, so I can’t actually say anything.

BUT: I have a bunch of random stuff to talk about because i’m fEeLiNg RanDoM and giddy and everything along those lines.

I’m suffering from a very messy bedhead at the moment! Not like you can actually tell, but that’s just life. Have you ever tried salt and vinegar chips with chocolate? It’s really good.

I just realized my totally adorable pitbull mix dog named Petey with a heart shaped spot on his side left his toy in my room, so I must go return it to him, because I’m a kind-hearted human.

What else is there to talk about besides smoothly transitioning from subjects that relate nothing to each other?


My music taste at the moment is filled with a plethora of romance songs for no reasons at all. For example, one that I really like that was released a week ago is “Love” by Lana Del Rey. How she sings the word ‘love’ is just so beautiful. I’m not the biggest fan of her voice, but I like “Love” and “Young and Beautiful”. She’s got the voice for romance.

On a completely different note, when you’re really angry, my go-to song for some reason which was the rockiest song I liked for a long time before I got into pop-rock music is “Got Dynamite” By Demi Lovato.

Nothing else to talk about!

Actually, I had said another thing, but I realized I probably shouldn’t have said it…so?

SAYONARA. Have wonderful lives, biscuits.

Stay happy, stay true, and keep that happiness with you.

That was real poetic.


*you were not expecting a post today. Really Weird Account unnerves you*

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