22 16-12-21-19 18

Hello there you playaways!

The TØP concert is Saturday night and i’m so excited to go see Tyler and Josh perform!! We’re going to be leaving early Saturday morning, (We = my mom and I) and are going to stay until the next night.

Once there, we will also visit the Civil Rights mueseum I believe. And i’ll use the money that Saint Iv gave me to buy merchendise! 

Today in Social Studies, for the first time ever in our class, the teacher veered off topic, and talked about microwave radiation, Pokemon Go, and sleep paralysis, which was a nice break from the monotonous cycle of copying notes from a power-point.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

Hangs from a high place and emits visibility.


25 thoughts on “22 16-12-21-19 18

      1. im pretty sure lamp is always the correct answer tho??
        therefore lamp is always the answer
        also idk the title says (incriminating) but i interpreted as 22 + 18 which is three numbers away from the smallest prime number that is not a chen prime eyy


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