Hello there you Big Brothers. 

I apologize for the last trash post in which I miserably failed to create good content for you all. Not that I got any negative feedback (because you guys are awesome), but because I feel I just wasn’t trying hard enough.

This has been a really good week for me for undisclosed reasons 🙂

I began reading 1984 by George Orwell a few days ago, and it has some of the best vocabulary I’ve seen in a book recently.

The premise is of a dystopian future, (which ironically is now 33 years ago, does that make it a dystopian past??) where every move you make, everythig you say is being tracked by Big Brother, who is the leader of the society, and rules by vaporizing those who disobey, or have too much individual thought. I’m only about 150 pages in so far, so I don’t know the full story.

I played a great game of Chess last night which I am very proud of. I was behind and in a bad board position, but I was able to turn it around by thinking a few moves in advance.

Anyways, that’s my post so that I’m not flagged as inactive/spammy by myself and kicked off.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom :3

Dictionary Taboo:

___, ___, the circle man.

Hint: a Youtuber with a circle shirt.


15 thoughts on “1984

      1. YAS. I’m so happy Dan is embracing his inner pastel angel and his curly hair goodness.

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