tsoP drieW

.olleH ?neeb yad ruoy sah woh

.uoy rof leew enog sah ti epoh I.em rof si tI

?uoy rof dear dreiw a ekil leef siht seoD

D: slasraeher ruot ni era dna ,mulba wen eht htiw dehsinif era zalliroG

3: tsop desrever egnarts siht fo mottob eht ot yaw eht lla gnidaer rof uoy knahT


13 thoughts on “tsoP drieW

  1. “how has your day been? Hello.

    It is for me.I hope it has gone weel for you.

    Does this feel like a wierd raed for you?

    Gorillaz are finished with the new ablum, and are in tour rehearsals 😀

    Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom of this strange reversed post :3


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