Hello there you. Here I come. I am cinnamon. (Hello there submitted by riseofthechairs)

We got to 20k views! For those of you who don’t speak k, thats 20,000!!!!

For the occasion, I will finally be refolding the R2-D2. For those of you on a computer, you’ll see it somewhere on the tab that says ‘Rileys Backpack’. If you are reading from the WordPress Reader right now you can click here to get to the original site!

The new one should be up within the next few days. 

Thanks to everyone who helped us get this far 😀

It’s been crazy watching a COMMUNITY grow here! People talk in the comments, but not with me for once! One reader has almost passed 300 *cough Stacy cough*. So thanks everybody for the support! I’ve still only gotten one hate comment after almost 5 years lol.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

A website that recently celebrated 20k views!


62 thoughts on “20,000 Views

  1. That’s actually insane.

    I mean, I know I haven’t even been on here for a month, (actually, a month from tomorrow), and really don’t have anything to do with it, but that’s still crazy. Congratulations! *cue important video of the man saying congratulations over and over*.


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  2. Fantastic pun you have there! I have nothing to respond with, lol.

    I spoiled The Maze Runner for myself because Newt’s my favorite character, so I was stupid and was just like (before I read The Death Cure), “Huh, I hope Newt doesn’t die! Lemme check.”

    Then, at school the next day, I grabbed The Death Cure and turned to the page and got very sad. Then, when I was actually reading the context of the book, I wanted to through it out the window.

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    1. thank you, thank you! *bowing*

      *you might even say that you’re at a loss for herbs?*

      the temptation gets really bad at times, doesn’t it? but the saddest case is when you spoil it out of your own will. ((that wasn’t directed at you, riley if you’re reading this)) i’m really glad i read harry potter before i had access to the internet. anything is automatically ten times better without spoilers. the supernatural fandom, however, is the absolute worst. you can’t go anywhere without that one fan screaming out the entire plotline of the new season before its release. ((they’re really good at it too… no idea how spoilers get out that fast. you might even say its… okay, i’ll stop.))

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