Hey guys

It’s your boy Top5INSANE

and if you wanna win a FREE iPhone 7 then all you have to do is comment down below, like the video, and subscribe to the channel.


Oh my gosh please don’t kill me. I hate those videos so much.

But I sat down to write a post and I have nothing to write about. So I thought that I would just write what comes to mind.

I am so angry that The Game Theory Undertale has a PART 3!!!

I have been waiting for the conclusion and I have to wait so much more.

We hit 20,000 views on Riley’s Backpack!

Crazy, insane, I can’t believe you’ve done this.

And we just recorded a Nerd and Brother, it’s was good. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Website coming soon.


And Victoria (bittersweetlyirrovocable) wrote a theme song for NABUR and soon we’ll have that out for you. It is really catchy!

And Pokemon GO, I have been catching new  Pokemon’s because of Gen 2.

So that is it. Like, etc.

And as I say always:


don’t hurt me.


12 thoughts on “UNREAL MIND TRICK (99% IMPOSSIBLE)

  1. Make sure to follow me on all of my social medias, like Snapchat and Twitter, to find out what i’m doing! Tap the bell next to the subscribe button (hit that while you’re at it), to get notifications whenever I make a new video! You guys seemed to really like my last video, so on this one, let’s smash 80,000 likes, and if we do, I’ll sit in an ice bath while drinking hot sauce!!! This video is sponsored by BestFiens, a super awesome and addicting app..

    *5 years later*
    That being said, let’s get to the video!


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