10 year old me’s totally cringe-worthy song.

*you can hear the song of cringe approaching*

ellooooooooooooo you biscuits.

So, I had a thought. I’ve been a trashcan all day basically, and I was trying to find apps on my phone to write songs on. I couldn’t, so I got back on my laptop to remember something from 10 year old me:

“Hey, remember when you recorded that song called ‘If I Could Bring You Back’ when you were 10 and it was posted on a site?”

So, I went on a quest to find 10 year old me in the churning musical ocean of a site that I won’t name because you’d be able to find the song on it , and I managed to come across that song as well as a recorded ‘Safe and Sound’ by Taylor Swift cover.

So, for the past 10 minutes, I’ve been cradling my head in shame. I can’t listen to the whole song. My voice sounds like drunk baby Rebecca Black. And I’m not lying to you. It really does. It’s horrible.

I’m not going to post the song, but rather, I’ll show you the lyrics that I wrote. You can compare these to Broken One. I may post Pluto’s Acid soon, to really compare how I’ve changed a lot. I don’t even know what I wrote this song about…but I think it’s about friendship. Or babysitting? Or death? Probably death.  I don’t know. I had nothing in mind when I wrote it.

But wait. I have to play the song to write the lyrics here, or at least what I can decipher of them.


But i’ll go in pain for you. Here goes *ohmygodi’mgonnachokefromcringe*:

Verse One:

I remember when I held your hand

When you took me for a walk, I remember that.

But then I would fall, you would whisper in my ear,

‘It’s alright’

Memories of you will never leave but I want to do it again,

Smile with you on a Sunday afternoon, but there’s a problem there.

You’re gone. ooohhhhhhh.


If I could bring you back,

We could do it again.

And I can hold your hand,

During the sunset.

If I could bring you back,

You would never leave.

And you would laugh with me.

Come back, come back,

I want to bring you back.

Please, if I could bring you back,

We would do all those pleasant things again.

Come back, come back,

I want to bring you back.

Please, come back to me.

Verse 2:

I remember you swimming with me on the beach.

Picking seashells in the summer breeze.

Or those other times when you held me when I fall

Whenever I cry you come to my side and tell me it’s fine,

I am here for you.

Or it could be when you laughed at my jokes or you helped me ride a bike.

Oh, come back, I miss you so.

I promise not to forget you, even if it causes tears.

And I remember the problem, you’re gone.

-Chorus again-

Bridge thing:

If I could bring you back,

If I could bring you back.

Come back, come back,

Please, come back to me.



I hold that the last part of the note for a very long time, but not strongly so my voice weakly wavers.


It’s probably about death.


But it’s a mystery, even though I wrote the song.

The lyrics are okay I guess, but the wayyyy I sanngggggg……


My mind has just melted in a fiery pit of pink clothes, barbies, and Tinker Bell movies.



Yes, I just did. Sorry not sorry.

Have wonderful lives while you laugh at me.


*in a meadow, there’s a gravestone that reads, ‘r.i.p. 10-year-old Victoria’s vocal teacher.

I’m joking, my vocal teacher didn’t die. I didn’t have one when I was 10*

12 thoughts on “10 year old me’s totally cringe-worthy song.

      1. I’m not going to like that comment because that’d be mean >.<
        I don't even know if I can sing right now! I'd love to believe so.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. ….I mean, I don’t know considering I haven’t heard you, but y’know, not everyone’s good at everything. Heck, I’m not good at guitar! Some things come natural to some people. Not saying i’m a natural at singing. Don’t put yourself down, though.

      Liked by 2 people

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