I’d write my theatrical little piece at the top of this entry, but i’m really not in the mood.


I got back from somewhere just a few mere minutes ago. Something bad happened, to say the least (it’s making my hands shake by thought), so this entry is most likely going to be a short one by my standards.

On Friday night, I thought about writing an entry about how it feels to take a deep breath in the middle of a troubled time. I found a sanctuary for myself to take a breath right next to somewhere. By description, somewhere is right in front of a forest, and there are 2 decks on 2 floors-the basement and the middle floor. I went down to the basement deck because I thought the moon looked pretty and bright, and stayed out there for a while. I actually got relaxed and wonder-struck by the view that I had;the moon cast a ghostly light over the upper part of the deck and all throughout the forest, leaving room for shadows behind a few trees. It was also the perfect temperature and the perfect time of night. I told you the story of my sanctuary briefly for the reason that, despite the bland fact that life really does suck and everybody goes through hard times, it’s the moments in between that give you the power to move on. I hope that makes sense to you.

Keeping a happy somewhat note, my birthday party was yesterday, and that was super fun. It made me have a better approach to the rest of the weekend, and if that hadn’t have happened, i’d be in a worse mood right now. So, thank you all who came, because I enjoyed it. I got 3rd place in bowling at 35 points, because I kept getting sets of 2 gutter balls. But, I had fun, so that’s all that matters/mattered to me at the time.

Today was okay until before I left. I’ll stop there.

To end this, I’d like to ask if you ever found a place that relaxed you and put a better head on your shoulders. Once again, you can leave a yes or no as your answer, because at least that’s an answer.

I’m going now. Have wonderful lives, biscuits.




24 thoughts on “sanctuary.

  1. Yes. In the mountains at a cabin we rented there was an elevated porch. Up there there wasn’t as much light pollution as I was used to in Nashville so I was amazed at all the stars that I hadn’t seen in years. I’d love to go back one day.

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    1. That sounds beautiful! You become so blind in the city about everything you don’t see, do you not? Whenever my mom, my step-father, and I would go out into the countryside to visit family, i’d love gazing up at the stars at night.

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      1. yeah, i really enjoy playing, but i don’t necessarily like practicing, you know? at least, not the kind of songs we’re supposed to play. ((actually, i’ve been enjoying it a lot more recently since my teacher is letting me and a fren play spear of justice/megalovania, respectively, at a recital. :D))

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      2. I do know. Mainly, I use piano to write songs, and my piano teacher comes up with Undertale songs for me to play too. We have worked on Megalovania and the Undertale Theme. I’ve written two different sets of lyrics under the names ‘bathwater’ and ‘scarlett and crimson’, and I haven’t found good chords for them yet.

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      3. That sounds fun! I wish my teacher let me do that more often. My parents don’t want me to go into the arts, so the only reason I’m playing piano is because it’ll look good on my college resume.

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      4. It is. My parents (well, more like one side of them) really want me to do the arts. In specifics, piano. I used to have to be timed for about 3 hours a day. But, that was at one household, and i said i didn’t want to do that anymore.

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      5. Yeah, my practicing schedule was absolutely insane. I recently moved o a new school, however, and the homework load is really overwhelming, so I cherish the rare moments where I have more than ten minutes each day to practice. Between the homework, studying, and extracurricular activities, I’m finding less and less time to practice, and I find myself wondering why I never enjoyed practicing before.

        ((I’m really sorry for ranting btw))

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      6. Don’t apologize for ranting! I enjoy practicing, too, at least after I didn’t have to play 3 hours. Sorry you can’t find the time 😦

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      7. Thank you. ❤ Things get pretty stressful in my life sometimes, and piano seems to be the only thing i'm good at. Doing something you pride yourself in is always a great self esteem booster. 🙂

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      8. It’s no problem. Ditto for me. I struggle a lot because my life really freaking sucks sometimes, and music is just so therapeutic to me. It really does help with self esteem, feeling like you are good at something. Earlier this year, and last year too, I had big problems with jealousy of other people. Now, I’m much better at that, even if I don’t feel the best about myself.

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      9. it was never really problems of jealousy for me, it was more of looking around me and just feeling inferior. there was nothing specific i was missing, but i never felt good enough. now, it’s much better. i realize that it’s not me that was lacking, it was everyone around me projecting their oh-i’m-so-much-better-than-you vibe. screw them. i’ll piano my way out of the corner you’ve put me in.

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      10. That’s a fabulous way to put it, haha! I agree with you. There was nothing I really needed to have, but I always felt like there should’ve been. I’d look in the mirror and tell myself, “Okay, I wish you had ‘this’ and ‘this’ and ‘this’ and this’, even though people think you’re fine as you are.”

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    1. Haha. Once I was riding in an airplane and we were flying over our destination at night, all the city lights were twinkling, and I was so amazed by the sight. Then, I realized I couldn’t see any cars or anything, and that was scary for me, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the view.

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  2. I don’t really know that I have one. Whenever I’m somewhere, I think about how different it would be if I was somewhere else. And I always worry about things to come. I guess being relaxed with my friends and trying to forget my worry for even 5 minutes is when I’m happiest.

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    1. Hey fellow worrier. I understand the feeling. When I have bad days (unfortunately, those are incredibly common), when I am around our circle, I get much happier. It’s good not to dwell and have your mind overtaken with stupid jokes and giggles for a while.


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