Free Lunch

Free Lunch #7

Sorry for the lateness

Hello there you beautiful pieces of macaroni (Hello there submitted by ArmyOfLamps)

I forgot to post this again, so I decided, better late than never!

Starting at 9:49.

So recently I started watching a comedy called The Office on Netflix using the new download feature. When I’m at a place with public Wi-Fi, such as the Library or school, I download the next few episodes so that I can watch at home. Today I went to Victoria’s  (bittersweetlyirrevocable’s) birthday party at a bowling alley, which was super fun. It was actually the same bowling alley that I went to for my 13th birthday, which was cool. I got second place in bowling, by like 7 or 8 points. Also, after the bowling, we went over to the arcade area, where there’s ticket stuff and skee ball, and Cat broke the machine or something, because it gave her like 450 tickets from getting a slightly above normal amount of points. 

And time’s up.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom :3


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