week recap 1 day early

*For some reason, a bunch of fridges appear next to you, filled entirely with pickles. You don’t understand life*


So, as I know I probably won’t be posting tomorrow because reasons, I figure i’d just do a brief recap of this fabulous week.

ACTUALLY, this week wasn’t fabulous. I’m sorry.

Since you lot may think i’m too serious….









So, this week was probably closer to the bad than the good, but i’ll be vague per usual: firstly, I didn’t feel well. And the other big part of the week, friend drama.

Oh, how I love me some great friend drama.

That’s sarcasm. Actually, i’ll be blunt and morbid, I was friendless in elementary school besides 2 girls who were terrible friends to me. Not even friends. How fun. This time it’s quite different, but it caused us to gain an author in a day and lose 2 in the same day.




Monday: blegh.



Thursday *today*: eh

Friday: ? but most likely BLEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Do you like potatoes?

I like potatoes.

If you have seen the new Dan and Phil video, it was awesome, wasn’t it?

If not, you can take away this very important piece of life advice: Keep duct tape away from ducks.


I have a migraine

*that moment when you reach the age when you take 2 aspirin for a headache instead of one*

I’m going now, since this entry actually belongs in the trash can.

Have wonderful lives and I hope your weeks are FABBBBULLLLOUSSSSOOO.


*the fridges disappear without a trace.*

24 thoughts on “week recap 1 day early

    1. My grandmother always told me to never duct tape my headphones together unless a squirrel with a green shirt on waves a red flag outside my window.

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      1. How fitting because after she said that I could’ve sworn I saw a baby girl with a hamster duct-taped to a stroller going down a hill!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I thought that was a hallucination as a response to bleaching my eyes out after seeing a tomboy fishy things rub butts with a strange lizardy scientist thing and puLLING OUT THE MI L K

        Liked by 1 person

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