Undertale No Food #1

Hello there you lamps. Today I decided to do an Undertale series since Jamie forgot to finish his! In the interest of making it slightly more interesting since many of you have already read most of his posts, i’ve decided not to use any edibles during my entire run. That means no healing items during the whole game, and the only way to get my health up is by saving at the predetermined checkpoints. This will be very difficult, and take a while to do, but I think it’ll be a fun (not) experience.

My name will be Cheese.


I wake up on a soft bed of golden flowers in a dark room.

Upon leaving the room, I find this nice flower.


He nearly murders me, but I am saved by goat-mom! (Toriel)


Led into this room, I find my first savepoint 😀




Once I get through that room, Toriel leads me to a dummy and tells me to practice talking to it.

Instead I am intimidated by it and flee lol.


In the room after that, Toriel leads me through some spiky puzzle stuff and then states that she doesn’t believe in me ;-;


They tell me to take one.


I take two


I take three


But four is pushing it apparently


Toriel asks me whether I like cinnamon or butterscotch better, and I answer cinnamon by accident because I was skipping the text, even though I like butterscotch better. She tells me to stay where I am and wait for her, so I disobey, and find another savepoint in the next room.


I trek through the ruins, completing puzzles and moving stubborn rocks, until I come across the first mini-boss, Napstablook!


I mercilessly slaughter him, but alas, ghosts are incorporeal and all that.


After I get past him, Toriel calls me as I am nearing her home, and I get to my final savepoint for the episode!


Expect an episode to come out once a week, not specifically on Sunday. Sneak peak at next time:


Thank you so much for reading all the way to the bottom of the post :3



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