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Hey for those of you that care ‘The Nerd and His Brother’ podcast is going smoothly in production. Our focus has kind of changed after making some episodes and it is more about hanging out with our guests and you guys. So, please submit some questions/stuff you want us to do, and we will answer some!

Please send in the questions, and also any good puns you find. We are doing a Pun of the Week, and you could be the first one! So yeah, comment your stuff now.

Goodbye, and as I always say:

A short post requires a very short endi-

4 thoughts on “Submit questions

  1. Um, well, I’m not very punny. *Drumroll, cricket* but I have a few. You have a friend with long hair? It’s “lice” to see you. Eh, that’s kinda dumb, but what more could you egg-spect from me. And it’s not really related to anything I just said, but dang the position I’m sitting in is back breaking.

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