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LAY #5

Hello everyone! I have been doing so much math work so I haven’t been posting. I am not on the ‘Cheeses’ thing at the bottom of Riley’s Backpack. So I’m back! Now a comment from the last post.

Maz asked me…

What’s the square root of Jamie plus 5 multiplied by x where x equals 563 times 4 divided by 63

Personally, I think this is a fantastic question. As you might know, I am an accomplished scholar in the field of name and symbol mathematics.  So I will give you a little lesson.

To figure out this problem, we need to determine the square root of Jamie.

Basic Name Mathematics dictate that the formula for finding the value of a name is:


xa=the first letter of the name

xb=the second letter



the letter values are their number in the alphabet. Here is all of it that applies to Jamie.


So xa=10, xb=1, xc=13,xd=9.

So here is the formula again.


and here is it with the values plugged in.


So solved, it is 1764

So that is the value of the name. But we are trying to find the square root, which is 42.

So the square root of Jamie is 42. And 42 is the answer to the universe. SO that means that Jamie is the answer to the universe, right? No, it means the answer to Jamie is the universe.

You see, Jamie needs to travel the stars with the Doctor, but he can’t be a major companion because he is male (and his name isn’t Rory). But what if…Jamie will be the doctor?

Peter Capaldi has announced that he is leaving doctor who. What if Jamie is the one to take his place? The pieces all line up.


LOl this is all just to announce the reboot of my conspiracy theory series.

But thank you so much for sending in the question Maz. If you want to sent a question, just type it in the comments.

And I need questions/requests for my new podcast, so submit those in the comments with the beginning NAB. Short for Nerd and Brother, the name of the podcast.

So that’s gonna wrap it up for this post!

See ya real soon and as I always say:

Doctor Who is confusing to follow on Amazon Video.

2 thoughts on “LAY #5

  1. What is Jamie x Riley’s backpack, ÷ long periods of inactivity, +the occasional burst of inspiration. I’m not even sure if that was a real question, I’m just curious to see your answer.

    Liked by 1 person

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