to loathe

*surrounding you is a beautiful sunset, coloring the sky like Crayola crayons, blending blues and pinks and oranges and yellows perfectly. But, in your mind, there’s an echo of negativity…*


I’m back.


I didn’t go to school yesterday because I got a really bad cold. I still have it, but i’m better than I was yesterday, so I went back to school today. I mean, I kind of had to because there was important business to be done.

You may have read when I talked about the subject lightly, but I’ve gotta back to that somewhere. I have to every Friday.

Have you ever been around someone or had to go somewhere and had such a strong dislike of them/that place that you would go as far to say that you loathe or even hate them? I want to talk lightly on that. Every time I go to somewhere, I feel the feeling of loathing in every nerve I have-an ache. It’s all wrong. I hate this place. I go every weekend, so I won’t be posting at all or doing anything any weekend.

 I know what it’s like to loathe.

Have you ever loathed anything? Your answer can even be a yes or no.

The time that I spend somewhere overlaps with my time when i’m not there though, and that’s a big problem. It doesn’t help when I try to shut it out. Because when you close everything off, not just from yourself but from others too, everything gets to a point where you can’t handle it anymore.

THAT’S SO DEEP. But please hear the message that I had in mind when I was writing this-I just said it, kind of. Everyone has bad days, and everyone has bad feelings. There’s a limit to how much somebody can keep settled. But you can do it.


On the other hand, though, I just got into this band called Oh Wonder. They are amazing (if you love indie music like I do. The first indie band I ever listened to was called He Is We, but I like Oh Wonder more). I found out about them through the beautiful Dodie Clark, who I love too. My favorite Oh Wonder songs are probably Drive, Livewire, White Blood, and Technicolor Beat. I recommend a listen, if you give a care.

That’s all.

Have wonderful lives.


*you go indoors, away from the sunset. The negativity you felt just a little earlier is now everywhere, clinging to your skin, fastening the beat of your heart. But you can get through this, even though it feels like you can’t.*

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