current mood (rant)

current mood: super duper mad

Why? I mean I know my posts are incredibly horrible but you could at least be kind instead of putting it in such a negative way. Like, I wouldn’t care, I know Quantity doesn’t equal quality but the way you said it. Jesus. I’m a really sensitive person, and I’m not asking you to tip-toe around my feelings, but could you at least be aware that we all aren’t robots? *gasp* Honestly, be grateful that I’m actually posting. I really, really feel like utter crap. Whatever though, I don’t care.

^^ that is a prime example of what we call a lie.

Truth is, I care too much. I care what people think and what people say and what people do and even though I shouldn’t care, I do. I care so freaking much. But this kind of a good-bye post too, I think, because I don’t really want to post if no one enjoys them.

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