*you get up and leave the lavender fields. Closing the door behind you, you sit safely in the car, marveling at all the flowers. Then, you hear a series of snuffles from the back seat of the car*

Hello, biscuits.

So, I have now entered the snuffle land-it’s a beautiful field of flowers in Spring. But, if you’re in snuffle land, this field sets off a land mine of sneezes. You’re too sick to enjoy it. That’s me. I’m not vomiting my guts out, but i’m in the annoying stage of sickness where my nose won’t stop roleplaying as a waterfall and the whole lower half of my face stings from blowing my nose all day. IT SUCKS. I can’t sing, either, because I sound like a goose version of Rebecca Black under water. No, I totally haven’t drowned goose Rebecca. But, I have done it IF you replace the word ‘goose’ with ‘myself’, ‘Rebecca’ with ‘ in snot’, ‘no’ with ‘yes’, and ‘haven’t’ with ‘have’.

Stupid me thought I was getting better from the little cold I had before, so I just took an allergy pill today. IT DIDN’T FREAKING WORK. And I did this on the perfect day because today was filled with serious business. Woop-de-do. I’ve gotten so much worse since I left school, though. I hate freaking colds.

Oh, and today from them moment I was pulled from under my blanket of a dark escape, I got this huge boulder in my stomach. It was just chilling, like, “So. I’m just here to mess up your life. Hope you don’t mind that I’m not paying you for my stay.” This lead to, in the middle of Band, the fact that I wanted to curl into a little ball and never talk to anyone again.

So, life is cold, and colds suck, so life sucks. Totally makes sense.

And I have to research a topic tonight, but i’m lazy. Then again, I need to pass class, so I kinda have to.

Fudge a fridge and frack a rack.

(My friends love my substitutes for curse words, haha).

Welp, i’m gonna go now and keep being sick.

Have wonderful lives.


(I just sneezed).

(I just sneezed again).


(waitttt for ittt)

(no more sneezes?)

(*blows nose*)

*before you knew it, Wild Account has effected you, since it was in the car with you. The fact that you and Wild Account have shared sickness makes your bond stronger. It is no longer wild-you are familiar with it’s weirdness. Therefore, wild account will now be renamed Weird Account. Weird Account jumps out of car and accidentally smells a flower. Weird Account sneezes*

(drops mic)

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