The Little Things

*the smell of lavender wafts through your nose and you look towards the fading sunlight. All around you in the lavender fields, a gentle breeze moves through, tempting the lavender plants to dance. You sigh in joy. You hear a soft rustling behind you and know it’s Wild Account, but today you won’t face her childish games. You are happy*

Apologies if you don’t like lavender and I just put you in a lavender field. It’s my favorite scent and color. But if you don’t like it, all is well-just envision yourself in a happy place (i’m starting to sound like a therapist…). This entry is about going from a bad place to a good place.

Every weekend is terrible for me, for a reason I prefer not to go into. I don’t spend it where i’m writing this now-safely at home. I go somewhere. That somewhere is incredibly toxic and miserable. Whenever I return, i’m not in a good place-i’m always really messed up.

I’m writing about happiness today though, because i’m very happy now, despite the fact I wasn’t yesterday. I wasn’t the day before. I wasn’t on Friday. I want to talk about the little things that make you happy. A little can go a long way.

When I woke up, I was relieved to be back home, but there was just this force that was making me negative. I wasn’t feeling well. I wanted to stay home and sleep until this turbulent time of mine passed over. But, I didn’t. I told myself, ‘I need to get up. I want to see my friends. I want to leave this behind me’. Because, that is the key-to defeat negativity, you can’t give up. Keep moving with determination (all Undertale fans stand up). Like a storm, bad things don’t last forever, but i’m familiar with the fact that it really does feel like it. I’m not even out of the storm yet! But I appreciate the intervals that I have to be calm, and the LITTLE THINGS that make me happy.

Little things that make me happy don’t have to be grand, like going to London or meeting Dan and Phil. Little things that make me happy are as simple as they are right now. I changed into comfortable lazy clothes, got online, got salt and vinegar chips…my room just had a pretty cool Native American/Tumblr take on it, and I love it because it feels safe and comfortable…I lit lavender candles…things like that are things that make me feel bright and sunshine.

If you haven’t experienced happiness recently, I understand. I am sorry. But life is full of bad things. It’s up to you what you take from them-something good or bad. Life is full of lessons. As someone once said on the internet, “Life is like a rainbow. You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.” It’s very true.

If you’re comfortable, (it can even be one word!), what is a little tiny thing that makes you happy?

Have wonderful lives, biscuits.

Hippie Victoria is out.

*you glance behind you. Wild Account is dancing around making peace signs. You smile.* 






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