because 2 days is inactive

*you relax on a beach, calm and collected. But sure enough, someone comes up and puts down a towel next to you. You look up. Wild Account is back.*

hOI! I’m back. And I’m in school. But whatever. Obviously, I’m so inactive. I know my scrambled posts are so important to you.

Okay, joking. 2 days is not inactive. I just haven’t had much to say, besides ‘UGH I FEEL LIKE CRAP AND I’M TRYING TO SURVIVE AND I’M ON WRITERS BLOCK BECAUSE BLEG NO MUSICIAN LIKES WRITER’S BLOCK’. And if you would like a post that says that and only that, you let me know so I don’t have to put in effort, even though that’s oddly something I like to do.

So, my birthday is coming up, and I’m getting something that’s really cool. I’m getting older.YAYAYAY. I’m not gonna say when exactly my birthday is, but you can say that it’s before February 19th because I’m a proud Aquarius (which also means detached and gets really cold when angry at someone). Telling you my sign probably tells you stuff about me you don’t need to know. But if you care, I always found zodiacs interesting, so if you want, post yours below.

But yeh. Today I especially feel no good. But I need to go now because we got new homework. And that’s disgusting.

Have wonderful lives, biscuits.


(because I need to go and I’m too lazy to type more)


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