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Heavy Eyelids 

Another song I made. Sorry you can’t hear the way it’s supposed to be sung by reading it, but we hope to record some of these songs as soon as we can.

You’d think after all these years
Of practicing every night
I’d be little bit better
At getting to sleep

My eyes droop down
Then flick back up
As my brains gears
Twist and turn

My mind begins to drown
In darkness
But then a thought
Rouses me back to life

Why do you give me this strife
I just wanna sleep
Staying awake in the night
Just makes me want to weep
I just want no more light
No more bright to seep innnnn
I just want to fall into a deep sleep
Before the morning sun begins to creep
Over me.

Right as I begin to lose my grasp
On consciousness I’m hit with a flash
I reawaken with a gasp
And my sleep fizzles like fresh ash
The fire in my brain
That is being awake
Reignites itself miserably
Fighting against the sleepy rain
And I’m right back where I lain before
I got to sleep

Staring up at the ceiling
Wondering why my eyes gravitate up
My ears are hit with an indistinct wailing
It’s me, my minds meak rhymes are leaking
Sound pollution into the air around us
To everyone else it’s no big fuss
But to me, it’s all I hear
The sounds of my sleepless melodies
Echo around the empty chamber of my mind
Sleep winks at me, but it’s just a tease
As the sounds bellow in my skull
I wanna know what kind
What kind of person hears that
My eyes start to feel a bit dull

Why do you give me this strife
I just wanna rest
Staying awake isn’t right
sadly the sleep was a jest
Yet with all of my might
All my fight I can’t close my eyes

And the morning sun is up
Against my face is its gleam
And then I realize
I did sleep
This was all just a bad dream


If you got down here, tell me which one you liked better, this or Hi-Fi in the comments.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom :3


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