*peacefully, you walk through a meadow (secretly virtual reality that you are experiencing through an oculus rift). You start to walk quickly through a patch of tall grass, but all of the sudden, the screen blacks out. Megalovania from Undertale starts playing. Guess who it is. That stupid wild account.*

hOI! I’m back. Huh. Guess i’m too productive. I’m just kidding. I’m procrastinating on a whole lot of homework that is staring at me furiously as I type on my computer from my open backpack to the left of my desk. If you find the fact that i’ve been posting every day for the past 3 days annoying, i’m sorry. You don’t need to read my brain waffles, but I prefer you would and add some syrup and butter (because my brain waffles are my scrambled up entries and the syrup and butter are the feedback…? hahahah jokes). (and stupidly i’m actually worried about posting often because I don’t want it to feel like i’m trying to take it over. I over-analyze everything. sowwy).

I was quite busy today. I had piano and my piano teacher and I worked on that song I mentioned 2 days ago (Pluto’s Acid) and it sounds so pretty. (before that i had a breakdown but i’ll kindly avoid the topic).Then I had Mexican food. Now, i’m here. And my homework is screaming at me.

Walking up to my house, I saw the Little Dipper and the bright North Star hovering just above it’s handle.

I’m procrastinating, finding excuses to not do my homework. Ugh.

I’m going now, but have wonderful lives. If you’re annoyed, i’m sorry. If you’re not, awesome. Oh, and don’t procrastinate. But who am I to give advice (yeah that’s a thing I do. I’m the friend that gives advice that sounds wise and legitimate about something but really has no experience with a lot of crap. I speak from the heart).

And thank you, Jamie, for thanking me. And thank you, Riley, for allowing me to make waffles here.



(are you expecting me to change? i’m literally procrastinating right now. but sHHHHHHHHH i obviously don’t have enough time to type my name because i totally need to do my homework)

*no point. Wild account pokes you, and spares you. You earned 0 XP and 0 GOLD.*

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