“I’ll try to post every week.”

Oh sweet, little naïve Maz.

I’ve decided from next time I post i’ll  only post when Mercury is in retrograde.  these dates are

April 9th – May 3rd

August 13th- September 5th

December 3rd- December 23rd

these dates will be good for me, even if I am a child of venus.



hiiiiiii friend

ur eyeliner looks good today

ur poetry is good

be nice to urself ur great

u have a good singing (and normal) voice

u play lots of instruments

u text me good night

ur an angel

oh and also awhile back  (like 4 months ago) I asked for a napkin so my friend Cat was like “here” and me being my stupid self said “ur gOD” so now everyone *cough* Jamie and Cat teases me about it and they need to stop it was 4 MONTHS AGO GUYS CHILL

do you ever get that feeling like all of your friends hate you and they only put up with you cause they feel bad? yeah, same


song- Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales- Car Seat Headrests

cheers, maz who is regretting her cringey nickname “mazisabunny” ew


2 thoughts on “…………..

  1. Ohhh Maz, that’s so sweet of you. Thank you a bunch. And remember, I’m not as much your friend for feeling bad for you. I’m your friend because we relate on a sad level and you’re just a cool person. Be good to yourself. You deserve that. I’m your friend not out of pity, but I’m there for the hard stuff we go through.

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