Joan Of Arc/Klutz Chronicles

*oh no. the wild account is back again. Dummy! from Undertale begins to play as you decide whether or not to fight*


hOI! I’m back because i’m productive and productivity is good. I finished all homework except for 5 poems. I forget to write them down. So. I have to live with myself for being both productive and unproductive.

I just ate dinner and am now playing the full Undertale OST (don’t judge because obviously it’s amazing and Toby Fox did the whole thing by himself).

Undertale’s glamour (Death by Glamour…..hehehehe) is not exactly what I came back on to talk about.

See, there’s this song by Madonna called Joan of Arc. To be honest, i’m not the biggest fan of her voice, but this song spoke to me on so many levels the first time I heard it. If you haven’t taken a listen (or you really just don’t care), i’d still recommend it. Of course, i’m aware that is totally far out of most people’s music tastes, but if you care, go ahead.

If you don’t know who Joan of Arc is (whether you’re a 5th grader or you just don’t give a brick about Social Studies), she was a peasant French girl who eventually led France to victory in the Hundred Years’ War.

What the song is about is the whole idea that Joan of Arc was brave and strong. The song explicitly explains that Madonna (or you, if you relate to it that much) says she isn’t Joan Of Arc (meaning strong). It explains breakdowns and feeling weak emotionally. My favorite part of the song is the second part of the chorus when it goes: “I can’t be a superhero right now, even hearts made of steel can break down. I’m not Joan of Arc, not yet. I’m only human.”

I really understand the line about steel hearts breaking down, because it goes with the idea that some people can build themselves walls to fight off emotions, emotional peril, stuffing them into a bottle. But the bottle overflows and bursts.

I also recommend the song Afraid-The Neighbourhood, but as I said before, it’s okay if you don’t care.


As normal, I was an idiotic klutz today. This lead me to really reaLLY STUPIDLY try to open a door with something clearly in front of it, thus knocking the thing over, so I stumbled trying to get through the freaking door, ultimately resulting in getting hit in the side of my head. The whole way up the stairs to class I was singing the grand idiot song that I make up when i’m embarrassed and I tried to keep myself from becoming a literal tomato.

In the past, on that darn stairwell, I’ve fallen up and down it. I defy gravity.

There’s even a place in the world named after me falling. I swear it’s my destiny. Not a good thing. If you find yourself falling off chairs, walking straight into doorways, or just doing stupidly clumsy things, you may be catching klutzitis. I warn you, once it is caught, only the most logical and articulate can get rid of it. This explains why I still have it.

Either you caught it or you’ve known me before and you’re around me falling too much. It’s a chronic disorder.

Oh, and that reminds me of the time I slipped on my bathroom floor and broke the hinge of one of the cabinets beneath the sink because I fell with such force.

I scare myself.

That being said, I hope you haven’t caught klutzitis, and if you have, may you be logical and articulate about your every move. Then again, as Dan Howell just tweeted, if you are doing something fine mindlessly like walking down stairs, if you think about it, you trip. Maybe don’t take my advice.

Dr.ViKlutz is now finished.

I must go now and finish my evening doing whoever knows what.

Till I post next, (if you read all the way down here, I congratulate your mental stability to keep up with me typing for so long, or if you are already annoyed that I was added on yesterday and I’ve already posted twice), have wonderful lives.


(still too lazy)

*you choose to flee as wild account’s constant babbling freaks you out, but you trip and fall flat on your face. wild account giggles and turns away before falling up 33 flights of stairs. you get up. wild account only freaks you out more now*

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