L.O.V.E. poem

I wrote this poem for my 7th grade English class, after we went to our museum and picked a piece of art to write about.

The piece is titled L.O.V.E. And so is the poem.

L is for language 

For if you couldn’t communicate 

How would you two relate?

Without your words, you

Can’t give your solicitude

O is for out

As your compassion grows like

White flowers starting to sprout

Make sure you get your feelings out

Lest you bundle them and implode like a tyke

V is for Vestitude

Know you will be changed

Who you were will be gone

In a matter of tik toks from the clock

With love you can’t remain the same 

E is for Empathy

Empathy is the glue

That will keep your love true

Who wants to be heard,

When they could be listened to?

Language is basic 

Out of secrets is your second goal

Vestitude is starting to care

Empathy is the blossoming of real feelings 

L.O.V.E all together is the beginning of real love.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom :3


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