Christmas Came Early (sorta)

Merry Riley’s Backpack-mas! No, that’s not right. Back-mas! Nope, not that one.

I got it!


Merry Cheesemas everyone! My Christmas season has been pretty great so far. I am out of school (but we will be going back soon) and I had Christmas part one at my grandparents last weekend.

I got the wireless headphones I really wanted which is AWESOME, and I got a really cool speaker and a gift card.

I also got to visit with family that I don’t see a lot, and that was nice too.

Tell me how your holiday season has been going so far, and tell me how we (Riley and I) should celebrate Cheesemas.


Stay tuned for my movie review of Rogue One coming December 27th and for my SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT on New Years Day.

That’s all for today and as I like to say:

The best folk in the world are Blonde Secret Agents


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