Winter Concert and Bots

I forgot to tell you about it, but our bands’ winter concert was on Tuesday night. We performed Saturday at the Symphony, Jingle Bell Jazz, and Path of Destiny without any terrible mistakes. I gave up on my notion of trying to slur correctly, because I just end up making all my eighth notes into sixteenth notes. So I think i’ll just learn it later. The other Trumpeter missed a measure but then caught up when they noticed the mistake. I fixed one of the counting mistakes I kept making over and over during the performance, but messed up near the end of Path of Destiny with slightly delayed notes. No one noticed, and I was able to fix it after a few notes that were wrong.

Also, I was looking at stats for the first time in a few days, and saw we lost 7 followers. Now a part of me wants to be like PewDiePie and talk about losing Denmark, but it’s really not that much of a big deal since we’ve already gained one back since they unfollowed. Most likely though, it was just some bots that WordPress did me a favor to delete.

I’m about to leave for Oak Ridge until the 23rd, so maybe i’ll write you a post tomorrow with some content that isn’t about my life. Until then my frens,


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