Fire At School (2 days in a row!)

In the last two days, we have had two separate fires at our school. The first one was because of a lamp that overheated yesterday in the sixth grade hallway, and a fire truck came and fixed everything.

But today, it was a much bigger fire in our seventh grade hallway in my math teachers room, and I don’t know the cause. There were three police cars, an ambulance, and ten fire trucks today that came to help as we all lined up outside. By the time we got back inside, I had 5 minutes to finish my social studies test, and I did. I’m not sure if anyone was hurt, but I hope no one was.


12 thoughts on “Fire At School (2 days in a row!)

      1. how do you have easy access to the idgaf guy? unless you actually just type it everytime 0_0 wait ima try to type him

        -\_(” *no idea what that mouth thing is* )_/-


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