Chess Club and Winter

Hello there you people! I’m here with another post created from the guilt that I haven’t been posting as often as I said I would (or at all for that matter). My family is about to put up our Christmas tree (even though we aren’t Christians lol), and i’m excited for Winter. Not necessarily the cold part, but rather the hot chocolate and blankets.

*While writing this post I had to go help put up the tree and started not feeling well so I didn’t finish this post last night, but now it’s the next day so i’m here to continue !*

Now for the Chess Club part of the post. I joined last Thursday, and they make it so that if you beat the Grand master, you become the Grand master. Iverson was the Grand Master when I joined, and he beat be in our first match, but I beat him in the second match, so i’m the Chess Club Grand master until we get back in January and he beats me again 😀

*Note, while writing the chess club part I got bored and i’m literally here again the next day….*

I’m sick so i’m not going to school today, and i’m going to be making presents for all my frens and practicing the Trumpet when I feel a bit better, because my concert is tomorrow and I really hope I don’t fail.

Thanks for reading and



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