I Haven’t Been Posting (a rant about school)

Hello people.

As you might know if you frequent this blog, I have not been active recently. Now I could bore you about the reasons for my absence, like the Periodic Table of Cities project I have to work on or the graphing functions video that I have no class time to do or the cereal Lewis Dot Diagram project I have to do or my TWO page-length essays I had to do for English on the Orson Scott Card cult classic Ender’s Game. But I won’t do any of that.

I have let you guys down. But no more. Now it’s my new segment, every Monday, Story Time with James!

Today it will be fantasy, but it might be a real life story or even a non-fiction history story.

And because I like writing, but recognize that I am not the best writer, this is the beginning of a story prompt. So if you want to complete it, feel free to email it to totallyrileysbackpack@gmail.com

John burst out of the gate, clutching desperately to the stirrups of the gleaming white horse. A flood of soldiers poured out of the gate after him, crossbows aimed and swords drawn. As John tried to ride away, the soldiers surround him. Arm and arm, they formed a wall, making escape impossible.

John reached past his sword and his compass and his map, digging in his bag. He found what he was looking for and pulled it out.




And that is the prompt! Again you can email your response to me at totallyrileysbackpack@gmail.com. In a couple of weeks I will be selecting a winner, and if you include a name I will write a sonnet ( a very complicated poem) about your greatness. It will be pretty cool.


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