I slipped at school

Hello there you bi-lingual postage stamps, today, our band teacher was absent, so we couldn’t go outside like we normally do on Fridays, but instead we had to go to the gym. Which some might argue isn’t that bad. To those people, I say, try our gym. With like 80% of 7th Grade crammed into a gym our size, you can’t successfully play any form of soccer without bumping into some basketball player. With gym being boring enough and a bunch of kids purposefully standing in front of the goals we’d created to play (we = me and my friends), I was done with gym. I had to go get the soccer ball though, because it wasn’t ours. So I turned around as we were being dismissed and trotted over to pick up the ball, and I saw my friends in a huddle as I started to walk back towards the exit. I ran to them, and someone didn’t put up one of those yellow Caution signs up, so I slipped and flew forwards, using my left elbow to break my fall and roll over. Then totally covered in dirt-infused water, I felt pretty bad. My elbow still hurts if I do stuff. It’s weird how I only ever have something to write about when something non-important happens to me during my day. Welp.

Have a fantabulous day, tell me how you’re doing below, and


26 thoughts on “I slipped at school

      1. I’m doing great, I’ve had a comeback to blogging after real long, I was so busy *swipes off sweat* … and I’m free now so Imma post and post and post and stay active and stay in touch with all the lovely followers I’ve got, including you 😀

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