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Hello there, ya double spaced essays, how are you doing? I’m well. I’ve been working on some command block stuff which is on the channel now here, if you want to see it. If not, don’t worry, because I have non-YouTube exclusive content for you right here!

Today in Science class, we played a game where the teacher (from now own referenced as Mr. McFerren) reads the definition of a science word and we turn around, and slap one of the note cards with the words on them he has glued to the board. Basically, it’s two people, and whichever one hits it first wins. The winner gets to pick their next opponent, and if you win three rounds in a row you get a piece of candy. Last time we played I got a Reese’s Cup, but unfortunately I didn’t win this time. But me, Jamie, and Victoria (girl in our class) made a candy truce, so that if any of us win candy, we split it into 3 parts and share. Victoria won a match, so I still got a bit of a Snickers Bar 😀

In Band, I’m still working on sight reading music, but I usually write down the fingerings on the sheet music so that I don’t have to read the notes (yes, I know i’m lazy). Also, I have a strange desire to learn that Trumpet music from the YouTube ad about the new Pixel phone. If you don’t know what that music is, you can listen to it here if ya want.

I have nothing else to talk about 😛

If you read all the way to the bottom, congratulations, you’re awesome! If you didn’t then how are you reading this now :O


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