dumcheese and Jamesblonde1 Writing Collab

This weekend, i’ve been at Jamie’s house, and we have a special collab coming out soon on his Podcast, but before that, WE HAVE THIS. If you’re new to the weird writing collab things I do, basically I pick one word, Jamie picks another word, and it continues. Anyone can use punctuation for free, and if it’s the name of something, you can keep it for one word. To check out other collabs on here, click this.

Basically, my text will be in normal, like this, and Jamie’s will be in bold, like this.

Once there was no hats. They were eating some people, and they skinned cats for Ender’s Game. Without potatoes, the hats have tons of free lunch. So yeah. It sucked. But pigs were bungee-jumping while saving the hats’ mothers from total annihilation. When cows ate Giulio Taccon, the last pies were taken over. However, when Giulio Taccon rode his purple cow— ow now purple cow love  you  purple cow, dance with me purple cow; like your moooooooves.

But don’t worry, Giulio Taccon was ok! You can check out his channel here, which I highly recommend because he is an amazing pianist.

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